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Exchange Audits and Special Service Provider Audits. We are Market Data experts. Our focus is Auditing for Exchanges and Auditing for Special Service Providers.

We protect the intellectual property of the Stock, Bond and Commodity Exchanges as well as the Special Service Providers of the Financial Market Data Industry.

JCV’s focus is on providing services to exchanges and specialty content providers. Members of the JCV team have extensive knowledge in the market data industry related to auditing, vendor delivery systems, Entitlement and reporting systems, Subscriber utilization of fee liable data, Exchange Policies, the investment process, Non-Display and Display Applications, licensing.


Exchange Audits

Our core business is to conduct audits for Exchanges.  We have worked for Exchanges which deal in Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and Derivatives. We help Exchanges protect their Intellectual Property as well as revenue streams.

Specialist Services Audits

Our entry into the auditing business was to conduct audits for Specialist Services.  We have worked for Specialist providers in the fields of News, Bonds, Energy products with emphasis in Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and Derivatives.  JCV personnel have collectively participated in nearly 4,000 audits in over 60 countries.  We help Specialist Service providers protect their Intellectual Property as well as revenue streams.


The Industrial Strength Auditing Tool, the JCV Audit Genie.  The cloud based (AWS) software is available for lease or as a managed service.  is used for the automated verification / reconciliation of subscriber Honesty Statements.

Modules include:

  • Processor for Subscriber Audits
  • Processor for Vendor Audits
  • Condenser
  • Terminal Report Preparation Processor

STAFFING Solutions

Leverage our extensive network of market data industry experts for long or short-term assignments.