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JCV is Internationally acknowledged as the premier provider of auditing services for Exchanges and Specialist Service providers.

We understand:

    • Exchanges
    • Specialist Services
    • Buy Side / Sell Side
    • Investment Process
    • How Subscribers utilize market data
    • How Vendors deliver and control or do not control Exchange and Specialist Service Data
    • How clients manage data
    • The business of trading
    • Market Data Management


JCV was originally founded in 1993, and was centered on building trading floors, training on Trader Desktop Software and Market Data Management. JCV wrote the first DACS Administrators Course.  Our experience includes the management of one of the top ten Exchanges Market Data Groups as part of his responsibility as Director of the Global Business Operations for TMX.

Today JCV’s focus is on Exchange Audits, Specialist Service Audits which allow those information providers to assist them in managing and protecting their intellectual property and revenue stream. JCV has extensive knowledge and experience related to market data consultancy, Vendor delivery platforms, Entitlement Systems, compliance reviews, administration and sales & staffing solutions.

JCV also provides a cloud based system  the JCV Audit Genie, which is an automated verification and reconciliation of subscriber reporting, the key tool for Exchange Audit efforts and Specialist Service Audits.  Our experience includes solid familiarity with the primary market data vendors that supply data to the investment community.


Joe Veneziano has over 30 years of experience in the digital Market Data Insdustry


Joe is a pioneer of the Market Data Industry with over 30 years of experience, including installation of the first Reuters Triarch (digital trading system) in North America as the Market Data Manager of a Fortune 500 Company. In 1993 Joe founded JCV Investment Systems, LLC a Market Data and Trading Floor Consultancy.

For over a decade he developed courses and trained for Reuters America on Trader Desktop Products and DACS. His experience includes the innovation and development of one of the first Market Data Inventory Management Systems (DACSess). He was a market data and technology trainer for Waters and a Faculty member of Waters University.

JCV is now providing market data audits on behalf of Exchanges and Specialist Service providers in over 30 nations as well as advising exchanges and specialty content providers on how to more effectively monetize and protect their intellectual property.  Joe is the designer of the JCV Audit Genie software that largely automates the reconciliation process which has been used in over 3,000 Exchange and Specialist Service audits.  The Genie is utilized by JCV as well as some of the largest Exchanges on the Globe and is available to be licensed as hosted or deployed service.  JCV has been a member of the FISD since 2007.

Michael McCrea, market data industry professional.


Michael is a market data industry professional with demonstrated experience in contract negotiations, market data administration and contractual compliance. Prior to joining JCV, Michael served as the Director of Global Business Operations for the TMX Group. There he was responsible for the daily business operations of TMX Datalinx globally, including overseeing client and contract management for thousands of clients, representing over $175mm year in revenue. During his time at TMX, Michael developed an audit program which improved efficiency and generated a significant return on investment for TMX. Additionally, other content providers were brought on board to the program, adding another service and revenue stream to TMX Datalinx’s suite of products. Michael was also a key participant in developing the FISD Best Practice documentation in regards to audit procedures.

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