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The Premier Exchange Audit Reconciliation Tool

The cloud based (AWS) software is available for lease or as a managed service.  JCVAudit Genie is used for the automated verification / reconciliation of subscriber Honesty Statements using the audit trail documentation provided by such software as DACS, EMRS, DART as well as Internally Built Entitlement and Reporting systems.

  • Availability
    • Cloud Based (AWS)
  • Table Driven
  • Accurate
  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Handle hundreds of thousands of records
  • Eliminate Manual Processing
  • Utilized by the some of the largest Exchanges on the Globe
  • Utilities to aid in Processing
    • Processor for Subscriber Audits
    • Processor for Vendor Audits
    • Condenser
    • Terminal Report Preparation Processor

Combined with the terminal counts reported to the exchanges, results are computed in minutes rather than the weeks required previously. Results are accurate as well, as it eliminates potential errors from manual processing. It is table-driven, allowing for customization of the software based on unique reporting guidelines.

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